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At the beginning of September, Milan hosted the second 2014 edition of theMICAM, the leading international footwear fair. Inspired by the event, we made plan to visit it, take lots of great pictures and dedicate the week to shoes, but… none of this happened! By now, we have learned how to cope with an unfair reality, but since we are still in love with this project and with the brands that we selected at that time, we have decided to share them with you.
We begin with Chapter 2, a British premium brand, which we have to admit we don’t have the pleasure to “personally” know and we have accidentally discovered browsing around online. We have been impressed by this cool collection of shoes and by the originality of their fall winter campaign shot by the talented Michelle Marshall.
Also the story behind the brand is rather impressive. Husband and wife, Tom and Fay, began in 2003 after the birth of their second son, the second chapter of the family, and they are hand-making their shoes in a leather shop they have in their house in London. All the styles are produced with premium material in limited quantities to be an exclusive look.

All’inizio di settembre, Milano ha ospitato la seconda edizione 2014 del MICAM, la principale fiera internazionale della calzatura. Ispirate dall’evento, avevamo pianificato di andare a vederla, fare un sacco di belle foto e dedicare la settimana alle scarpe, ma … non è accaduto niente di tutto questo! Ormai abbiamo imparato ad accettare questa realtà imprevedibile, ma visto che siamo ancora innamorate di questo progetto e dei marchi che avevamo selezionato, alla fine abbiamo deciso di condividerli con voi.
Cominciamo con Chapter 2, un marchio premium britannico, che, dobbiamo ammettere, non abbiamo il piacere di conoscere “personalmente” e che abbiamo scoperto per caso navigando su internet. Siamo rimaste colpite dallo stile di questa collezione di scarpe e dall’originalità della loro campagna autunno inverno scattata dalla bravissima Michelle Marshall.
Anche la storia della marca è piuttosto toccante. Marito e moglie, Tom e Fay, hanno iniziato nel 2003, dopo la nascita del loro secondo figlio, il secondo capitolo della famiglia, e producono artigianalmente tutte le scarpe in un negozio che hanno all’interno della loro casa a Londra. Tutti i modelli sono prodotti con materiale di alta qualità, in quantità limitata per garantire un look esclusivo.

Chapter 2 winter 2014 campaign.

Chapter 2 winter 2014 campaign. All the leather soles feature a turquoise rubber cloud to help stop little ones sliding around.

Chapter 2 winter 2014 campaign

Last January, Chapter 2 has been recognised by Milk Magazine the shoes award for their fall winter 2014 collection.

Chapter 2 winter 2014 campaign

Another adorable pic from Chapter 2 winter 2014 campaign

Chapter 2 winter 2014, sneak leather shoes

Chapter 2 winter 2014. On the left "humbug" shoe characterised by ecru and black snake leather. On the right "serpent" shoe made in a bold electric blue snake leather.

Chapter 2 winter 2014, handmade kids footwear

Chapter 2 winter 2014. They produce based on orders and they send some photos along the way of your shoes being made.

Chapter 2 winter 2014, hand made using natural materials

Chapter 2 winter 2014, all styles are hand made using natural materials, so each pair is unique.

Chapter 2 winter 2014, strong colours combination

Chapter 2 winter 2014, strong colours combination of electric blue and black

Chapter 2 winter 2014.

Chapter 2 winter 2014. On the left a tall "balmoral" boot made in soft grainy sheep leather. On the right "humbug" shoe in electric blue and black.

Chapter 2 winter 2014 campaign

Chapter 2 winter 2014 campaign has been shot in the leather shop with the tools used to produce the shoes.

Chapter 2 winter 2014, beautiful pics by Michelle Marshall

Chapter 2 winter 2014, another beautiful pic by Michelle Marshall for their campaign

Chapter 2 winter 2014 British hand made leather shoes

Chapter 2 winter 2014. On the left "achilles" shoe with black suede on the heel. On the right "humbug" shoe in electric gold and salmon.

Chapter 2 winter 2014

Chapter 2 winter 2014: all the winter 2014 styles together

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