Valentine’s day 2021 hearts trend kids fashion

Valentine’s day 2021: the best kids fashion items characterised by the hearts trend

One of the spring summer 2021 fashion trend wants you to wear your heart even post-Valentines!

For their spring summer 2021, various kids fashion brands (but not only!) have looked at love for inspiration, fantasizing about kisses and hearts in the new season. Symbols of the most romantic of the feelings they are cropping up on almost everything! On colourful prints of lightweight cotton dress and jumpsuits, on the front of black hooded oversized sweatshirt as a statement motif, or on the back of sophisticated denim jackets. Hearts, in particular, are used as precious embroidery on cape-effect collars of white blouses or on luxurious trills of puffed sleeves, as pockets appliqué on jackets or as patches applique on the knees of joggers.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, and the love week, we selected the best kids fashion items spring summer 2021 characterised by the hearts trend: not only very fun to wear, but that will also stick around post-February as well.

Elisabetta Franchi la mia bambina spring summer 2021 items inspired by love

Elisabetta Franchi La Mia Bambina celebrates Valentine’s Day 2021 and the love week with a series of Mini-me outfits characterised by a lively and enterprising spirit that reflect the brand’s DNA.
The joyful kisses print is the absolute protagonist, developed on stage dresses that, through a play of shapes and structures with ruffles and rouches, become flowers that bloom like roses. It comes in two-colour variants: the iconic lavender, which dominates the entire collection, and the black, which makes the garments elegant and sophisticated. You can see the first ones on in the photos below!

Valentine’s day 2021: Simonetta spring summer 2021 items characterised by the hearts trend

Love is the soul behind one of the lines of the new Simonetta spring summer 2021 collection! Featuring red heart motifs, this line has been launched just before Valentine 2021 and it is characterized by funny and vibrant outfits brightened up by soft and light materials with intense shades of red. We love, in particular, the red dress (and the twin skirt) with the fluttering hearts appliqué on layers of red tulle. We think it depicts very well the lightness and the flickering to which is subject a loving heart.

Valentine's day 2021: Simonetta spring summer 2021 items characterised by the hearts trend

Stella McCartney spring summer 2021 items characterised by the hearts trend

“After a year spent inside, Spring Summer 2021 takes Stella Kids on an outdoor adventure”. We loved this opening sentence from Stella McCartney Kids presentation of their new collection so much, that we decided to quote it here!

Love is pervading this collection too, but in this case, it takes the shape of a specific type of love: the one for animals. One of the sustainable brands par excellence, for years Stella McCartney has made “respect for the environment and animals” one of the foundation values of their DNA. This spring summer 2021, the love for animals takes wing for girls with dancing flamingos and heart patterns. We loved all the outfits of this line plaid in various shades of pink.

Stella Cove spring summer 2021 items characterised by the hearts trend

“Hip N Happy” this is the name of Stella Cove spring summer 2021 line characterized by a sweet multi-coloured heart motif. Not only swimming suites, but also bikini, ponchos, cover ups, as well as bags, sunglasses, gogles and more! Can’t wait for summer!

Valentine’s day 2021: heart shaped accessories for spring summer 2021

And if one might object that the 80s-era heart prints come and go with cyclical regularity, this year, it’s all about heart-designed statement accessories: bags, shoes, socks, hats and sunglasses, jewelry but also headphones and cases (for the oldest).


Red heart-shaped handbag


Pink leather sandals with red patent and glitter heart


Pink heart-shaped sunglasses with rhinestones


Pink heart-shaped Sunglasses

Stella Cove

Super cute pink heart shaped swimming goggles for girls

Stella McCartney Kids

Pink shoulder bag with woven rainbow heart

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