Earth month 2021 sustainable kids fashion selection

April is the Earth Month! Let’s celebrate together the beauty of our Planet!

April 22, 2021 marked the 51st anniversary of Earth Day and the birth of the modern environmental movement dating back to 1970. Since 2013, with the growing relevance of the Earth Day, people started to call April the Earth Month and now, in the weeks leading to April 22, we are encouraged to take actions and to participate in initiatives that focus on the urgent need for environmental justice, sustainability, and climate solutions. And if it is true that the commitment to protect the Planet must be continuous throughout the year, having institutionalized an Earth Month and an Earth Day has made a decisive contribution to spreading its values.

As per our tradition we decided to celebrate it on our kids’ fashion blog featuring some of the most inspiring animal prints. This year we have selected items coming from the spring summer 2021 collection of the following brands: Kenzo Kids; Molo and Stella McCartney Kids.

We hope you’ll find something that inspires you and if you want to read more about sustainability in kids fashion click here.

Have a nice weekend!

Earth day 2021 kids fashion selection and Kenzo Kids

We have decided to feature Kenzo Kids Spring Summer 2021 collection for this adorable print that has gained us! A tiger and elephant pattern in grey, orange and pink (for girls) that covers a vast range of items for both girls and boys as well as babies.rint that has gained us!

Molo Spring Summer 2021 collection for Earth month 2021

For the second year in a row, we have decided to feature Molo Spring Summer collection. The reasons why are basically the same of the past edition: their animal prints; their vision and their “My Earth” capsule! In the photos below we have selected some items from Molo spring summer 2021 collection depitching the white tiger.

Molo My earth capsule collection for Earth Day 2021
Molo spring summer 2021 “My earth” capsule collection

Stella Mccartney Kids dark yellow and black cheetah print

The third and last brand in this selection to celebrate Earth Month is Stella McCartney Kids with its Spring Summer 2021 collection. Not only it is one of the most sustainable name in kids’ fashion, but we have also fallen in love with this season dark yellow and black cheetah print. Do you like it? Do you prefer it on a white or black background?

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