10 New Years Eve Gold Outfits for Girls

10 New Year’s Eve Gold Outfits for Girls and teens to shine in the most sparkling night of the year

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and we are pretty sure that by now, you have already decided what you and your kids will wear for the most sparkling night of the year. But in case you have not, you’d better decide right now and shop immediately. Like today, or you may be out of luck and be disappointed!

To celebrate the last night of 2021, we have thought of a blog post in which to show our selection of 10 New Year’s Eve gold outfits for girls. This year gold is very trendy for both toddlers and and girls and teens.

We must confess that we love them all and it was very difficult to make a choice! Do you want to play with us and find one which one we bought for Aurora? Comment down below and follow us on our Instagram account to see if you were right or not. And if you see any dresses you love, just click on the link in the text and it will take you right to where you can buy it!

And at this point, Happy New Year Eve to all of you. We wish you and all your families a very happy and prosperous 2022.

10 New Year’s Eve gold outfits for girls – Bonpoint

This stunning gold couture dress from Bonpoint catches the eye with its sequined tulle ruffles. We love the shape of the short sleeves and of the skirt.

New Year’s Eve 2021 gold outfits for girls from French brand Charabia

This Charabia gold party dress is characterised by metallic fabric and short sleeves covered in turkey feathers. Made in France, it features elegant finishing touches such as the stylish seam detail on the chest and pleats on the front.

10 New Year’s Eve gold outfits for girls – Gucci

A gorgeous ivory silk taffeta special occasion dress for girls by Gucci, the Italian luxury brand. We love the shape and the gold trims on the corset and on the skirt 

New Year’s Eve 2021 gold outfits from Junona

A shimmering gold special occasion dress for girls by Junona, made in tiers of Plissé pleats.

Mini-me gold outfits for girls and teens from Lanvin by Kids Around

Inspired by the adult collectiion, this short-sleeved gold dress from Lanvin is made from coated golden canvas and offers the perfect party look. 

New Year’s Eve gold outfits for girls – Mischka Aoki

An opulent gold dress from Australian label Mischka Aoki 

New Year’s Eve gold outfits for girls – Monnalisa

One of our absolute favourite, this Monnalisa sequins dress is characterised by a multi-layered tulle skirt with tutu effect. It is available in six different colours among which gold.

Gold boots from Moschino for welcoming 2022

Not only the dress, but also the Moschino ankle boots are just perfect for New Year’s Eve 2021.

Welcome 2022 in Sonia Rykiel white tulle dress

A stunning white tulle dress with gold polka dots from Sonia Rykiel. As you can see it is available also in a black and red variance, but we prefer by far the first one.

A two pieces from Twin Set for girls and teens in our selection to welcome 2022

An adorable two pieces for girls from the italian brand Twin-set. We love the gold full sequin skirt with flounces and we are not surprised to find out that it is almost sold out online.

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