Bonpoint Back To School 2023 capsule

Bonpoint Back To School 2023 capsule to welcome the school year that has just barely begun

On Monday this week the bells have rang in many Italian schools, and most of our kids have eventually gone back to class. As anticipated here, for us this year it is very big since we have three new beginnings and we have welcomed it with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Anna has started the scientific high school, Alice the junior high school while Aurora the primary school.

While waiting for the first weekend to collect the girls’ comments and share them with you, we have prepared a series of blog posts dedicated to back to school 2023, featuring brands that have released a dedicated capsule collection. We begin with Bonpoint, a renowned French luxury children’s clothing brand known for its elegant and high-quality designs.

When considering Bonpoint for back-to-school fashion, you can expect timeless and sophisticated pieces that will make your kid look polished and stylish. Start with a classic white or pastel-colored button-down shirt that can be dressed up or down. For girls, match it with a pleated skirt in a soft, muted color or a subtle pattern that can add a touch of sophistication to the outfit. For boys, with chino pants in classic colors like navy or khaki that are both comfortable and stylish.

Layer the outfit with a Bonpoint cardigan or sweater with delicate embroidery, lace details, or the brand’s signature cherry motif. Consider adding Bonpoint accessories such as a silk scarf, a leather belt, or a hair bow for a refined finishing touch. Bonpoint also offers a range of stylish footwear options for children. Classic Mary Jane shoes or ballet flats for girls and leather loafers for boys that can complete the look.

Bonpoint Back To School 2023 with the iconic cherry

When shopping for Bonpoint back to school 2023 outfits, consider your child’s comfort and personal style. While Bonpoint is known for its classic and refined aesthetic, you can mix and match their pieces to create an individualized look that suits your child’s taste and needs.

Bonpoint Back To School 2023 collection

Bonpoint Back To School 2023 collection

Blue and cream are timeless for this period of the year

Bonpoint class photo features skirts and dresses worn with knee socks and Mary Janes. A boy poses in a navy and white Liberty shirt that coordinates beautifully with the dresses and blouses of his classmates. Bonpoint offers beautiful backpacks and bags that can be both functional for school and fashionable. These can be a great addition to complete the back to school look.

Bonpoint Back To School 2023 theme in yellow and cream

The color yellow is featured on sweaters, velvet pants, and plaid shirts, like the common thread of these emotionally-charged looks. When classes are over, children throw on a tweed coat or leather biker jacket and rush out the door. They are recognizable by their trendy knit hats, scarves, and crew baseball caps.

Bonpoint Back To School 2023 collection

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