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Welcome to Fannice Kids Fashion!

From love for kids and fashion addiction, the passion for kids fashion.
This is my other world in a nutshell. Now everyone call me Fannice and I am the soul of the kids fashion blog: Fannice Kids Fashion. A made-up word, created combining name and surname of my two little girls: Anna and Alice. Our third child, Aurora, has recently joined us.
They are the true protagonists of our kids fashion blog. Based in Milan, we love travel and photography and have a soft spot for all vintage and for stuffed animals!

Fannice Kids Fashion Kids Fashion Blog

As a mum of two (three now!) and a fashion lover, I found myself browsing a lot online and offline for kids fashion, including sales and bargains! For this reason, I have decided to start sharing on this kids fashion blog what I like the most: kids wear, brands, shops, news and any other stuff I consider more interesting for a mom with kids age 0 to 16.
In addition, I offer brand new and gently worn children’s designer clothes that my children and friend’s children had grown out of, thus you can also find posts advertising these items.



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