Halloween 2021 Tutu Du Monde capsule collection

Halloween 2021 is just around the corner and we celebrate it on our kids fashion blog with Tutu Du Monde capsule collection

If you follow us on our social channels (Instagram in particular) you know that this year (believe it or not!) we started to celebrate Halloween well in advance! After shaking off the doubts that last year haunted us about celebrating Halloween or not, there were no limits. The girls started to organize a party almost every weekend since the beginning of October (starting with Anna’s 12th birthday!)… and it looks like they are not done yet!

On our kids fashion blog, we celebrate the scariest night of the year by sharing the Halloween-inspired capsule collection for kids that we look forward to seeing each year. We begin this “spooky” series with one of the brand that enchants us the most: Tutu Du Monde.

Halloween 2021 Tutu Du Monde capsule collection for the a spookiest night and much more

“Creepy hollows”, this is the name of Tutu Du Monde capsule collection dedicated to Halloween 2021. The brand’s traditional spooktacular collection is woven entirely around stories and spells surrounding the spookiest holiday of the year!

At Tutu Du Monde “we love the thrill of dreaming up and designing a special costume, the dress-ups on the day and, of course, the wickedly delightful trick or treating… and we know little girls do too!” says the celebrated designer Andrea Rembeck.

Beneath the midnight moon, enchanting styles in spellbinding hues with magical details await as the spookiest season of the year is here. We leave you to them!

Halloween 2021 Tutu Du Monde capsule collection in black
Halloween 2021 Tutu Du Monde capsule collection in black

Halloween 2021 Tutu Du Monde “Bone Crusher” line and black tutu dresses

She’ll be crushing her look this Halloween 2021, we can feel it in our bones!

The stretch cotton bodice of the dress below showcases a dazzling ribcage and collarbone motif, formed of hand-embellished beads and sequins, designed to dazzle in the dark. The skirt is a riot of jet black luxury tulle, arranged in lush layers that fall to a handkerchief hemline.

Halloween 2021 Tutu Du Monde bone crusher black tulle dress
Halloween 2021 Tutu Du Monde bone crusher and Scream Queen black tulle dress

The “Blood Thirsty” tutu dresses line for girls and babies

These dresses in red are characterized by cascading crimson crystals and sequins drip lavishly down the stretch cotton bodice to meet a vivid-red skirt formed of layers of exquisite tulle.

Halloween 2021 Tutu Du Monde red tulle dress

The collection is completed by a vast range of stunningly surreal accessories: spidery capes, creepy crawly legging, tulle wings, chockers and cuffs. This year we love the black mask you see in the photo below and in some of the previous ones.

The best accessories for the scariest night of 2021 black masks and brooches

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