Pitti bimbo 2020 postponed Coronavirus

Pitti Bimbo 91 has been postponed because of Covid-19 pandemic

Pitti Bimbo 91 edition has been postponed to September 2020 due to the Coronavirus crisis that has hit Italy and the whole world.
“The Board of Directors of Pitti Immagine, chaired by Claudio Marenzi, met today by video conference. On the agenda were the decisions to be taken regarding the calendar of the fairs scheduled for the 2020 summer season. Pitti Immagine Bimbo no. 91 is confirmed and will move to 9-10 September (2days), at the Fortezza da Basso, Florence” this is what we read on the Pitti Immagine latest press release.
Originally scheduled from the 25th to the 27th of June, the kidswear leading exhibition, will now take place at the beginning of the autumn season. This is not only a shift of time of about two months, but also a reduction of Pitti Bimbo traditional length from 3 to 2 days.

Pitti Bimbo 2020 postponed due to Coronavirus crisis to September 2020

“Over the last few weeks we have obviously been in constant and close contact with manufacturing companies in Italy and abroad” says Claudio Marenzi, President of Pitti Immagine.
“The strong request that emerged was to maintain at all costs the leading events like the Pitti fairs which will be the first fundamental instruments to be activated in order to gradually get the entire commercial fashion industry machine going again. And that is what we will be working on non-stop over the next few months.”
The fashion industry is one of the most impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, in the last days we have seen fashion brands and stylists in the from row against the crisis. Among them, also many kids fashion brands mobilized against Coronavirus as we reported here.

Coronavirus pushes kids fashion fair Pitti Bimbo 91 to September 2020, photo from June 2019 Manila Grace fashion show backstage

“With regard to our three fashion fairs” (among which is Pitti Bimbo) says Raffaello Napoleone, Pitti Immagine’s CEO “it is clear that they will be exceptional editions where our primary duties will be to guarantee the complete maintenance of hygiene of the exhibition space and prepare an organization of the spaces and layouts that takes into account people’s safety”.
In addition, to respond to the rapidly changing circumstances Pitti Immagine’s CEO revealed that organizers will be implementing Pitti Connect, a completely new and more advanced version of the fair’s current digital platform to promote shows and exhibitors. “Pitti Connect, with its original system of networking functions with buyers and high-quality editorial structures, is more than a complementary tool to the physical fair, but rather an organic integration of the physical fair which, together with the latter, will define the new face of the Pitti fairs.”

Pitti Bimbo 2020 postponed due to Coronavirus crisis to September 2020

To remain relevant to exhibitors, press and to the whole world of kids fashion, the Florence fair will have to reinvent itself and present various elements of important novelties. So far, it seems that they are heading to the right direction.
We will keep you posted, so stay tuned!

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