Playtime Paris cancels its July edition

Playtime Paris cancels its July edition due to the Coronavirus pandemic

After Pitti Bimbo’s announcement of postponement due to COVID-19 (see here), now also Playtime, the premiere trade shows for kid’s fashion and lifestyle, has decided to cancel the July edition of their show in Paris, Playtime Paris.
A suffered decision taken in all of our best interests, as we read from the press release we just received: “For the last several weeks, the entire Playtime team has been going over the many possible directions we could take. Clearly, we can’t keep waiting. We must make decisions now to ensure our continued success in the future.”

Playtime Paris cancels its July edition

The cancellation of Playtime Paris July edition is definitive, but there is still room for a “summer” show on a later date. “We now are looking at the possibility of a Sept 5-7 edition of Playtime Paris. We think it’s wise, however, to give ourselves time to reflect and wait a bit longer in order to see how the situation evolves. A final decision will be made in the month of May.” we carry on reading in the press release. No decision has been taken yet for Playtime New York and Playtime Shanghai, the twin trade-shows that take place in the USA and Asia.

Playtime Paris cancels its July edition

Playtime Paris focuses on digital for the future

Playtime Paris cancels its July edition, but identify the digital transformation as the way to go for the future. Playtime will direct their efforts towards the digital for a connected Playtime Paris edition! The B2B destination for independent and creative kids brands already has “iloveplaytime”, a B2B marketplace that offers a rich and innovative digital relay to all players in the children’s fashion industry: brands, buyers, journalists and influencers. In the coming weeks, Playtime will focus on evolving it so to make it even better.

Playtime Paris cancels its July edition

Playtime Paris cancels its July edition and makes commitment to the industry

As a commitment to their expositors, Playtime will temporarily conduct themselves as a non-profit company! They will offer a reduction on the price of their booths and of their one-year subscription to their marketplace. Before the end of the year, the platform will grow and have around 4,000 verified buyers. In addition, Playtime will create very rich content to increase the expositors’ visibility. “iloveplaytime is going to quadruple its communications and its content in order to fill the B2B marketplace with exciting events and professional, engaged buyers.” say Sébastien de Hutten (Playtime CEO) and Chantal Danguillaume (Playtime Event Director).

“Onward!” is the closing motto of Playtime press release and we couldn’t agree more!

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